How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes

Apple, a consumer products company that vends beautifully designed gadgets pays mere tax anywhere in the world including the United States of America. The avoidance of taxes is elucidated by many factors and at the end of every year, the company bypasses billions of taxes. The paper does not only seek to pursue such factor but also provide a personal opinion on the aspect of managerial accounting as far as Apple’s case is concerned.
Managerial accounting involves the preparation of management accounts and reports that provide accurate and opportune financial and arithmetical information required to make decisions. It focuses on the profitability of an organization. Also, it enables companies to understand how to make money, spending it wisely and finding ways on how to fix core problems such as important work streams as sales growth and production.

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The avoidance of taxes by Apple is an issue that has elicited different opinions with some considering it a wise business strategy while others consider it as a lack of social responsibility. It is true that the essence of brands by Apple Company makes everyone feel productive, in work or play. Therefore, for Apple Company to be considered as the world’s highest accumulator of money that apparently has minute productive use may not be adding luster to its image.


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