How and How Not to Love Mankind

Human beings can be portrayed as unique creatures based on how they respond to various situations. They often claim to support their cause of action with the interest of those they care for at heart. Even those who commit serious crimes against humanity do so under the pretext that they are doing to for the best interest of mankind. Serious crimes against humanity have been committed by people across the world who would justify their actions by claiming they are doing what is right for them. Under normal circumstances, it is not reasonable to commit an act that would harm a fellow human being and then eventually assume that the action would make the other feel good. Irrespective of how much a one would be offended, harming the offender is not a true reflection of the love one has for the one hurt. t

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The events portrayed in the book by the author try to depict the exact happenings in the real world. People would do wrong things and always try to find the next person whom they can blame for the consequences of their actions. On the other hand, it indicates the difficulty it is in pleasing a human being. People often make it difficult to create a good relationship with others through their actions.

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