Housing Choices and Affordability

Housing Choices and Affordability

Housing Choices and Affordability.

Housing Choices and Affordability: For the human kind to go about its activities amicably several things must be in place and housing is one of them. As a matter of fact, housing is of great significance to the human kind and that explains why it is classified as one of the basic needs together with food and clothing.

There is absolute certainty that living within Salt Lake City is high. This is due to the large amounts charged to rent or purchase a house. The situation is made complex by the event that mortgage rates charged by banks.

This essay seeks to shed more light on the housing sector within Salt Lake City with particular emphasis on how a college graduate can find the best suitable accommodation within the city. In a like manner, the essay is to consider the various challenges that college graduates go through such as lack of jobs and a dwindling economy.

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option of staying with parents does look appealing given that it would give me the chance to gain financial freedom. It is however disadvantageous because it denies me the opportunity of becoming my own person. Besides, the distance between my parents place and Utah University is will make the cost of transport expensive.

The economy may be on the decline and times may be tough. Nevertheless, it is imperative for any aspiring graduate to make choices that favor their growth and those that would enable them prosper in the future.

Salt Lake City has enough resources and it has played a role far too significant in determining who I am today. I believe that even though housing is expensive, it is still the place to be.


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