Homosexual Athletes Then and Now

Homosexual Athletes Then and Now

Homosexual Athletes Then and Now.

Homosexual Athletes Then and Now: This paper seeks to highlight past attitudes and treatment towards gay athletes in comparison to today’s more accepting attitude as well as the events that lead to this change.

Turning sports into an inclusive but more so, respectful experience for athletes of different sexual orientations and gender identities span 35 years of both personal and individual acts of courage and organizational projects aimed at diversity and inclusion (Sartore-Baldwin).

1975 is considered to be the beginning of the current LGBT Sports Equality Movement. Dave Kopay, an ex-NFL player, came out that year. Until then, no LGBT athlete had dared to come out publicly. The cultural and social consensus was that being LGBT was sinful and immoral.

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Going against the stereotype that male athletes are hostile to having gay teammates. To try and prevent LGBT youth suicides. Several professional sports teams like the Boston Red Sox, participate in the internet-based “It Gets Better” video campaign.

Sport governing organizations offer educational programs and resources to member school athletic departments on topics like sexual orientation Internet sites like Outsports.com, now provide information and advocacy related to LGBT inclusion in sports and provide opportunities for gay athletes and sports fans to communicate.

The fight for LGBT rights and equality in sports has come a long way and is finally being accepte by the community and not necessarily through threats of lawsuits but general public acceptance and understanding.


Sartore-Baldwin, M.L. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Athletes in Sport: An interview with Pat Griffin.

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