Homestead Strike

Homestead Strike

Homestead Strike

The Homestead strike entails the conflict between the Carnegie Steel Company and its workforce. It is also referred to as the Homestead Steel Strike or the Homestead Strike. Thus, it is one of the most violent labour conflicts in the history of the United States of America. The strike occurred in Homestead, Pennsylvania on July 6, 1892.

Homestead Steel Works was part of Andrew Carnegie’s empire and it was located south-east of Pittsburgh. The company was owned by Andrew Carnegie and it was under the management of Henry Clay Frick. The battle was between Andrew Carnegie’s steel company and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers Union. Thus, the strike ensued after Henry C Frick, cut wages for the employees and declared a war on the labour union. The result of the battle between the Union and the company was a defeat for the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers Union. Hence, this paper describes the facts of the Homestead Strike and the events that unfolded during the strike.

In addition, Andrew Carnegie’s company came into existence in 1883 after he bought the Homestead Works company. The company’s aim was producing steel for railway companies. Expansion of the company contributed to the increase of population of Homestead from 2,000 residents to 12,000 residents in 1892. 4,000 workers were employed at the steel plant. Out of the 4,000 employees employed by the steel company, 750 workers were part of the Union.

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With the strike over, the union attempted to reopen negotiations to no avail. There was also an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Henry Frick by Alexander Berkman. This crippled the public support for the union and caused the collapse of the union.

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