Homelessness:Usually, when people think of homelessness, they think of persons who are seen sleeping in their cars, lying on the streets or those in tents. In addition, majority of programs established to fight this always think about housing people who are currently without a home instead of trying to solve the actual cause (Bassuk & Geller, 2006). Attempts to house the homeless are likely to bring more challenges than give solution to the problem.
What I would do
Having the above fact in mind, I would need not only intervene and cure it but also prevent it from worsening or increasing. My initiatives would stop homelessness from coming in the front door of the system.

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I believe that my project to help the homeless is an act of truism. This act of truism is not at all based on self-interests, in fact, it is a way of giving back to the people who need help without getting or expecting anything in return myself.

Bassuk, E., & Geller, S. (2006). The role of housing and services in ending family homelessness. Housing Policy Debate, 17(4), 781-806. doi:10.1080/10511482.2006.9521590

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