Homeless young adults

Homeless young adults

Homeless young adults

The article by Zerger, Strehlow & Gundlapalli (2008) focuses on the issue of homelessness among young adults of which they indicate has been on the rise in the United States. The authors of the article base their study on review of a number of literature and research that have been conducted on the same issue, while focusing on behavioral issues.

The article places more emphasis on the cause, challenges as well as possible effective solutions to homelessness among the homeless. The issues reviewed in the article regard to access of health services, abuse in the street and at home, risky sexual behaviors, sexual identity and sexual minorities, mental health issue as well as drug and substance abuse.

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These environmental factors include negative social/peer networks, limited financial resources and pessimistic future expectations. The research findings and recommendations by the article suggest that in order for researchers, the medical fraternity as well social service providers tackle the drug problem successfully, solutions that create strong and positive environments should be enhanced.

The author implies that reducing vulnerability through strengthening of the environmental factors is the key to solving drug and alcohol abuse among the homeless youths.

Ferguson, K. M. (2009). Exploring the psychosocial and behavioral adjustment outcomes of multi-type abuse among homeless young adults. Social Work Research, 33(4), 219-230.

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