Home Depot Case Study

Home Depot Case Study

Home Depot Case Study.

Home Depot Case Study: There has been a worldwide call for people to conserve the environment in order to ensure environmental sustainability. The home Depot appears to be very concerned and responsive to this call to address environmental issues.

The company has put in place various activities and standards aimed at safeguarding the environment in order to create awareness and as part of social responsibility. Almost everything that sustains a human life derive its source from the environment, hence this justify the need to protect our surroundings.

Through care to the environment, home depot reveals its desire to improve people lives not only through meeting their consumer’s needs but also the needs of future generation.

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Yes, I think it is a wise decision. Home Depot are operating in an industry that experienced a hard time during the 2008 economic crisis, thus it could only be wise for the corporation to remain conservative in its growth strategy (Benson, 2009).

The essence of pulling back their finances was to enable them to meet their bills internally, without having to ask for loans from the external sources such as the government.

My recommendation to the CEO is ensure that there are no debts or minimize them as much as possible since they are financially responsible for Home Depot’s stakeholders. Being conservative means that the corporation need to reduce debts since they are in a better position to earn good profits from the borrowed money.


Benson, D. (2009). Home Depot Implements Stakeholder Orientation. Home Depot.

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