Holocaust is described as the total sum of all anti-Jewish acts performed by the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945. These ranged from depriving the German Jews of their lawful and economic standing in the 1930s.

It is a portion of a wider aggregate of actions of murder and oppression of countless ethnic and political groupings in Europe by the Nazis. Nonetheless, it has an extraordinary significance owing to the unique attitude with which its executors .

The biblical term Shoah  “destruction” ever since the middle Ages) came to be the normal Hebrew expression for the killing of European Jewry. The word Holocaust that came into usage in the 1950s as the equivalent term initially implied a sacrifice burnt completely on the altar.

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The choosing of these two words with religious roots signifies acknowledgement of the exceptional nature and degree of the events. Many recognize Holocaust as a common term for the crimes and horrors committed by the Nazis, others go an extra mile and employ it to incorporate other actions of mass killing as well.

As a result, we see it vital to utilize the Hebrew word Shoah with respect to the murder of and oppression of European Jewry in other dialects as well.

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