HIV/AIDS among adolescents in the USA and United Kingdom

Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) refers to the virus that in turn causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Human immunodeficiency Virus is transmittable through sexual fluids, blood, as well as through breast milk from an infected person (Kahn & Walker , 1998). A person can acquire Human immunodeficiency Virus if any of these fluids finds its way into their body and into the bloodstream.

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This is because most adolescents infected with the virus live in oblivion because of fear of testing, or general lack of information or need to take the test. Therefore, setting up adolescent friendly health services will encourage more of them to take the test and the counseling received in these facilities will be fundamental in preventing HIV and AIDS.

Bowler, S., & Sheon, A. R. (2002). HIV and AIDS among adolescents in the United States: increasing risk in the 1990s. Journal of Adolescence, 45(3): 345–371.

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