Hitchcock’s approach to editing the movie Vertigo

Hitchcock’s approach to editing the movie Vertigo

Hitchcock’s approach to editing the movie Vertigo

Vertigo is one of the classic movies which continue to attract a huge number of audiences. The movie was produced by Hitchcock in 1958, and it received both positive and negative reviews (Rebello). Today, the movie is no doubt one of the best films of all time. The movie has a twisted end and one which the audience did not expect making it a very interesting movie. The movie introduced several cinematic techniques that have improved the film industry.

The cinematic techniques were used to enhance the themes of the movie.  Hitchcock introduced the dolly effect which has been used in the production of other films. Hitchcock fashion of directing and producing a movies has contributed greatly towards the development the industry as he pioneered important cinematic techniques and dolly zoom camera technique which have greatly been used and improved to enhance the film industry.

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The technique was used to bring out the psychological status of the characters. The technique was used in other movies such as Jaw and Matrix. Hitchcock contribution and innovations are important in the film industry, and there is a lot to learn from his movies in terms of themes and cinematic techniques.

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