History of Islam

History of Islam

History of Islam

The Quran was disclosed to Muhammad by God in 570 -632 C.E through angel Gabriel. Compared to other religions holy books, Quran has the least alterations of the original message to Muhammad. The Quran has 114 Surahs (chapters). Most Muslim divide them into 30 juz (equal parts). They read each juz daily, especially in the month of Ramadan. Early Muslims memorized the text of the Quran to pass it to the younger generation verbally. Today, Muslims do not speak, make noise, eat or reading while reading it or when someone else is reading. The Quran is important at it reveals god’s nature and attributes, his purpose to humankind and the responsibilities and relationships the humans have to him.

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In conclusion, it is the responsibility of all clergy, political and religious leaders to give out spiritual guidance to the Shia community (Mithra, 2009). The Sunni do not have this belief and do not acknowledge clergymen, therefore; their leadership needs are met according to state funding. Therefore, the government of the Sunni is based on the Caliphs (Sunnai and Shia). Thus, the Shia government is strictly based off decedents

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