History of Hollywood

History of Hollywood

History of Hollywood

Hollywood continues to be one of the most known places on earth because of its many films productions as well as the fame that accompany people who live or own businesses in this town. However, people need to understand that Hollywood did not start as it is today.

In fact, Hollywood was an agricultural community which had been established back in 1853 outside the city of Los Angeles, California as simply as single adobe hut. In fact, even when the first Hollywood sign was erected in 1923, its main objective was to market a simple housing development (Faris, 2002).

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However, the Supreme Court of the land in 1948 made a land marking decision which ruled that studios had no right to own theatres that were only showing movies made in their studios and only by their contracted actors (Allen, 2011). As a result, these movie houses turned to televising their works and “the public prosecutor” became the first film to show on television on 1947.

As a result, music and television studios cropped up in Hollywood from the 1950s, something that continues to happen to date.  Hollywood started off as a ranch in a town of just 500 residents to the many people who live in it today. This number also continues to grow even when people had avoided the region due to its semi aridity, but today it is one of the most celebrated regions in the world.

Grieveson, L. (January 01, 2000). America on film: Hollywood and American history. America on Film: Hollywood and American History.

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