Historical conceptions of an enduring issue

Historical conceptions of an enduring issue

Historical conceptions of an enduring issue

Throughout different periods, philosophers have been concerned with study and understanding of the nature of being and difference between the physical reality and immaterial reality. Physicist and philosopher argue that the reality is what is constrained by physics of laws while immaterial reality includes what is not constrained by physics of law (Cobben, 2009). Among philosophers was Rene Descartes, who formed a theory of Dualism.

In his theory of Dualism, Descartes argues that since he must have the characteristics of thinking, he has a mind that is used for think and which is separate from the body (Cobben, 2009). Descartes death left issues of mind-body that is still causing lots of debate to post scholars (Solomon & McDermid, 2011).

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Although john and Kant seem to differ on how humanly acquires knowledge, there is some similarity in their argument. Locke argued that it would not make sense for one to expect creature that has no sense of sight to experience color that again cannot be objectified. On the other hand, Kant claimed recognition/knowledge of color would require mind to experience. Hence, the color lies within the realm of a posteriori (Cobben, 2009).

From the two comparisons, it is evident that human has been over the years investigating the nature of being. Since the Greek classical period when Plato investigated the relationship of corporeal and incorporeal, to the present period, the issues of what is real and not real has endured. Several views from different philosophers and psychologists to dates seems to have no solid answer.

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