Hip Hop Culture in Education

Hip Hop Culture in Education

Hip Hop Culture in Education.

Hip Hop Culture in Education: Hip hop is a popular culture in the American society and in most part of the world. It is a form of expression and artistic culture that emanated and developed from African American people in New York in the 1970s.

According to people who are affiliated with the hip hop culture, it has four pillars that guide the culture which include break dancing, DJing, MCing and writing graffiti on walls.

In addition, beat boxing has been considered as an element in the hip hop culture. The culture has spread greatly to other parts of the word since it was established in the South Bronx.

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the modern times has become a source of negative behavior and attitude in school. Notably, there are several music and graffiti advocate for violent behaviors among people.

In particular beefs among artist in the music industry contain explicit and abusive content. This has led to the development of negative attitude among students in school. That has led to low performance among them.

Hip hop culture has greatly evolved and commercialized in the modern times. Thus losing the meaning and the importance of the culture. Most of the artists in the hip hop culture are concerned with the image and the benefit they will gain from the music such as fame and money rather that criticize issues affecting the society and advocate for change.


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