Hip Hop culture analysis

Hip Hop culture analysis

Hip Hop culture analysis.

Hip Hop culture analysis: Hip-hop culture is in many occasions recognized by some of its key elements: break dancing, rap, beat boxing, graffiti and DJ-ing. These elements are simply different forms of art expressed within the culture in a bid to express a deeper meaning.

Hip-hop culture is actually a spirit of the urban youth, a consciousness that is constantly evolving. It recreates itself throughout time, in a cycle that never ends. The spirit connects the past, present and the future.

This culture gives live to a simple idea, such as rap, turning it into a living culture. The multi-billion dollar phenomenon brings together art, politics, ethnicity, technology, fashion and urban life. This paper will attempt to analyze the culture bringing out some of its defining features.

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urbanization has dictated that all races be incorporated into the culture. Another similarly common misconception is the relationship between the culture and unethical behavior.

(Watkins 2005) A stereotype emerges where any keen practitioner of the culture is seen as a drug addict, peddler or a criminal of sort. This too is being phased out by the demystification of the culture. The myths about the culture are also race related. It is thought that the culture is part of black culture.

Hip-hop culture has come a long way. Many misconceptions about it have been cleared up. The world is beginning to view it as a legitimate culture. .


Ogbonna, J., & Ogar, G. (2007). Hip-hop revolution: the culture and politics of rap. Lawrence:      University  Press of Kansas.

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