High Suspension Rates in schools

High Suspension Rates in schools

High Suspension Rates in schools.

High Suspension Rates in schools: Making a decision on the right penalty has always been a problem; negative or positive implications are secondary. With the rate of punishments going high, many schools as well as DB district is trying to implement mechanisms to reduce the level of punishment and mechanism of punishment dispensed to other alternatives.

Hence, in this discussion looking at some of the mechanisms used by DB district in instill justice as well as ways to mitigate suspension rate is essential.

Many schools in the DB district whenever they are punishing students for unacceptable acts, different schools use different criteria to instill discipline on students. Some of the methods acceptable and are being used in the DB district to instill discipline in students include:

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This geared towards making the student understand some of the activities that are inappropriate. And why they should engage in meaningful activities. This process also engages expertise such as counselors to engage the students through the process of rehabilitation.

Many students suffer because of the different punishments inflicted on them as a result of their misconduct. With the above given recommendations, this would help in mitigating some of the most severe punishment inflicted on students inform of correction.

These punishments show that they negatively impact on performance, self-esteem, unsocial behaviour, and more so enhance the rate of school dropout; therefore, the proposed ways can really help with improving the educational sector.


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