Hidden Camera effect used in THE GRADUATE film

Hidden Camera effect used in THE GRADUATE film

Hidden Camera effect used in THE GRADUATE film.

Hidden Camera effect used in THE GRADUATE film: The movie ‘The Graduate’ is considered as one of the breaking films in the 1960s era, setting new motion and pacesetter in the film industry during this period. The plot of the movies involves a college graduate who is in a situation that involves shifting in the social and sexual way of life.

The main theme of the movie is brought out through a young guy who is innocent and confused, as he is betrayed, attracted and wrongly directed by the older people who are immoral and corrupt.

In the film Mike Nichols, who is the main director of the film applies different camera tricks and techniques throughout the movie. These camera tricks have been adopted and used in other commercial on the television,

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as it is brought out in a comic manner to reveal the real status of the movie. It is therefore clear to the viewer that the reason why Ben doomed his sexual relationship with Mrs. Robinson.

Mike Nicholas applies hidden camera techniques and trick throughout the film scene. To bring out the theme of the movie. And invoke the emotions of the viewer to make the movie interesting to them.

Hidden camera technique is used to reveal some of the events that happen in the movie. And invoke the viewer to perceive and analyzed them. He used cinematographic techniques to manipulate the viewer to have an insight of immorality that is brought into the film.

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