Health: The world health organization has described the term health as that state of complete mental, social, and physical well being and not only the nonexistence of infirmity or disease. Typically, the health concept is divided into six subcategories, i.e., physical health, mental health, social health, spiritual health, environmental health, and emotional health.

To attain the healthiest lifestyle, a person must strive to achieve getting these six components into balance (Can-Fit-Pro n.p.). For one to be truly healthy, he or she must account for all the components, as well as try to attain personal wellness. Wellness may be described as that achievement of an individual’s best in all six health components. Humans always make mistakes and, therefore, they don’t always flourish in everything. It is practically impossible for humans to be perfect in all area. However, they can set goals to strive to attain the maximum health possible. On this light, this paper’s aim will be to describe four world health organization’s components of health, i.e., physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and social health.

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In conclusion, the health and illness Sociology examines the interaction between the society and health. Thus, its objective is to see how social life impacts mortality and morbidity rate, and vice versa. This sociology aspect  therefore, varies from medical sociology, which is a sociology branch that discusses illness and health with respect to social institutions like family, school, and employment.

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