Health Promotion Proposal for STDs

Health Promotion Proposal for STDs

Health Promotion Proposal for STDs

Appreciation of the critical role played by social science in HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment has declined as the mirror on biomedical prevention and treatment technologies has grown stronger. HIV/AIDS is a social and also an infectious disease. The AIDs epidemic is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Almost twenty five million people have died of the disease. In year 2007, almost thirty three million people were taught to be living with HIV. 2.1 million Deaths and 2.5 million new infectious occur every year. The society’s means to respond to this predicament is still emerging Social phenomenon depends on societal values, the perception of fear and danger of disease to individuals versus perception of the collectivity.

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I as well reviewed related documents from international organizations such as World Health Organization and the UNAIDS and based on expert suggestions, I also reviewed a compartment of relevant articles published after April 2007. Due to the very large number of conference abstracts and the absence of a uniform search engine to identify abstracts related to HIV/AIDs stigma, I excluded conference abstracts from this review. In order to perform as broad search as possible, I used the search term HIV AND stigma. And I reviewed each of the abstracts acknowledged. Each abstract extracted data which included the methodology, study’s objective, and key findings. I also recorded the geographic region of the study.

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Epstein, S. (1998). Impure science: AIDS, activism, and the politics of knowledge. Berkeley, Calif: University of California Press

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