Health Policy Values

Health Policy Values

Health Policy Values

Personal values can be described as the ideals and views that a person chooses to defend or uphold, and they establish how that person lives his or her life. These values influence and determine what actions an individual chooses to take. (Danis, Clancy & Churchill, 2006).Whether we are knowingly cognizant of them or not, each individual has a set of personal values. This value may range from the ordinary, for instance, the belief in punctuality and hard work, to the more spiritual, for instance, concern for others, self-reliance, as well as the harmony of purpose.

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My personal values include, good health, personal growth, hard work, resourcefulness, and social justice. My spiritual belief is the concern for others. This is because I believe everybody deserves only the best. On examining our lives, we often view how personal values guide us, propelling us to achieve our ultimate goals. For instance, I am motivated by my commitment to social justice to be more and more ethical in my line of work.

Health policy may be described as the resolutions, plans, and actions, which are carried out to attain specific health care objectives in a society.

Porter, M. E., & Teisberg, E. O. (2006). Redefining health care: Creating value-based competition on results.

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