Health Bioinformatics

Health bioinformatics

Health bioinformatics.

Health bioinformatics is in the world domain that the human species is faced by many challenges. These challenges can be classified under natural disasters or man induced disasters. If we were to look at epidemics, we can say that the human species dwells in a world where at one time or the other one has to be attacked by an abnormal condition.

There are many disorders in the world. Some are curable while others are not. For example, ever since the discovery of Hiv/Aids, no cure has been engineered yet. However, the disease can be contained through medication, although it is not curable once it has attached itself on an organism.

This topic therefore seeks to investigate what is health bioinformatics, and how it works. In definition, health bioinformatics can be said to be a discipline that deals with devices, resources and methods applied in acquisition, storage and the use of information in the bio medicine and health disciplines (Braunstein, 2013).

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This discipline is also known by other titles including; healthcare bioinformatics, nursing bioinformatics, Biomedical bioinformatics, medical bioinformatics, clinical bioinformatics and health information systems. This discipline also uses tools like; information and communication systems, clinical guidelines, formal medical terminologies, and also the use of computers.

This discipline is essentially important in health care and also in other sectors including; clinical care, nursing, dentistry, public health, pharmacy, physical therapy, (bio)medical research, occupational therapy and also in alternative medicine (Alshawi et al, 2003).

Leathard, A. (2000). Health care provision: Past, present, and into the 21st century.

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