The difference in the economic and social differences that exists among individuals from different backgrounds in the world is alarming. Individuals have different levels of access and treatment in their health due to the cultural differences and ethics of different health professionals that cater to them. Different practitioners’ advocate for changes that would result in better access for patients and handling of medical cases so that there better outcomes.

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Individuals from cultural groups that are considered as being poor are treated in a manner that is unappealing. The poor people’s problems are viewed as if they can wait; at the expense of the rich in the community (Farmer, 2005:15). Haiti is one of the countries where HIV/ IDS and related infections such as TB are rampant. The government’s efforts seem minimal when compared to the progress of the condition. The poor might not be able to access specialist health care services even after they have been advised by local clinicians to make specific visits. The patient-centeredness, the health care practitioner makes a goal to focus on the patient relation to the disease. The practitioner such as a physician is likely to give better and more suited medical attention to an individual whom he/ she knows the cultural background (Nitcher, 2008).

Farmer, P (2005). Pathologies of Power: Health, human rights, and the new war on the poor.
Berkeley: University of California Press.

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