Hate Groups

Hate crime is the use of violence of intolerance and racism to injure and discriminate people that are of different race, ethnicity, sexual orientation religion and disability from that of your own. Yes,I have been aware of the numerous hate groups in South Carolina. It is among the states with the highest number of hate groups amounting to nineteen. Additionally, the recent killings of eight people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina has further publicized the issue due to the increased media attention in the state(Ehab, 2015. Pp.1).

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Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law in 2009 by President Obama, The Federal government’s mandate through the Attorney General was expanded to offer assistance in investigating and prosecuting hate crimes. Now, hate crimes are offenses on their own and are charged under the federal law, where up to maximum sentences are passed as judgment(Lawrence, 2010. Pp. 13).

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