Hate crimes in America

Hate crimes in America

Hate crimes in America.

Hate crimes in America: Hate crimes have existed for many years in the U.S and have been on the rise for the recent few decades. They can be described as crimes that are committed sue to a bias belief against a certain social group.

They main causes of hate crime include religion, race or even ethnic background. In the United States of America, the main cause of increased rates of hate crimes in the U.S is racial biasness and gang affiliations which is common in the western states of the country.

The penalty of a hate crime if found guilty is more than other normal crimes where it is treated severely with more weight and punishments are made more intense.

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living in most cases, which forces them into crimes. Many rich people are looking for innocent young da that they hire the m to do their dirty work. These youngsters look for easy ways out and petty offers make the m indulge in societal misunderstanding for the sake of payment.

They had rather be living on the edge and have money other than living proper lives and suffer. The main remedy to this problem is to give mass teachings of unity to the youths and other relevant audiences.

Security measures should also be taken into consideration where special units that deal with special crimes and investigation should be set up. Parents should also raise their children well reducing their chances of joining such unfortunate groups.


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