Has Technology Impacted HR Practices and Policies

Has Technology Impacted HR Practices and Policies

Has Technology Impacted HR Practices and Policies

It is vital first to learn about the human resource department and its management. It is also important to learn the duties that are associated with the HR managers. The activities of a human resource manager are to recruit news staff into the organization, train new recruits into the organization, to maintain the organization’s data. (Tsui, 1987, p.36). A well-maintained data system makes it easy during the time of retrieval. In order to learn something new about this topic, the researcher must be able to analyze the human resource department before the use of technology was adapted by organizations.

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Do the employees feel more appreciated after the assessments? For example, before there was the use of technology, the assessment would take a lot of time before completion. Through such questions, the impact of technology on the human resource department would be realized. (Delaney, 1989, p.45).
A successful human resource department translates to a successful organization. Technology has made activities in the department, effective than ever before.

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