Harmful Effects of Technology on Schools

Harmful Effects of Technology on Schools

Harmful Effects of Technology on Schools

Harmful Effects of Technology on Schools:Currently, technology seems to affect all dimensions of our lives. Picturing daily activities without influence of the technological devices such as calculators, video games, PDAs, cell phone and computers is hard for most people. The concern is even more evident in the lives of the young generation, more so those in schools. In school, technology has become an expectation of every student and parents. Use of technology has escalated quickly in schools over past few years with student increasingly becoming tech-savvy, classrooms becoming technology reliant and most of the learning materials been digitized (Costabile and Spears). Such facts suggest that the technology is improving quality of education and also influencing how students do their studies.

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In conclusion, technology usage in classrooms and learning activities is growing, and nothing will stop the trend. Student connection with technology will also continue to gain more roots. With such facts, students can only be taught how to manage themselves while using technology rather than trying bar them from using technology.

Costabile, Angela, and Barbara A Spears. The Impact Of Technology On Relationships In Educational Settings. New York, NY: Routledge, 2012. Print.

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