Hamlet is an exceptional revenge tragedy in its treatment of the subject of madness since the insanity of Hamlet is profoundly ambiguous. In the plot of Hamlet, “Amneth” feigns madness so as to avoid his suspicion during the plotting of his revenge of the fratricidal king. Hamlet’s performance of madness, instead of assisting his revenge, nearly distracts him from it, since he spends much time in the play exhibiting minimal interest in the pursuance of the ghost’s mission even following his proving that Claudius is definitely guilty.

The effect of the plot would be different had Hamlet been insane rather than just feigning madness.

Had Hamlet been insane rather than feigning madness, the plot of the play would have been different. In that, he would not have to act differently when he was alone and when he was with other people. In the play, whenever Hamlet is alone, or he is in the company of Horatio, he tends to act like a normal person.

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In addition, if indeed Hamlet was insane instead of acting it, the plot would have been different. In that, he would not have the conscious of plotting the revenge since mad people can barely think rationally. Hamlet would as well be easily suspected of planning revenge.

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