Hamlet Prince of Denmark by Shakespeare

Hamlet Prince of Denmark by Shakespeare

Hamlet Prince of Denmark by Shakespeare.

Hamlet Prince of Denmark by Shakespeare: Hamlet prince of Denmark is a tragedy play by Shakespeare, divided into five acts. In the play, a Horatio a scholar and two watchmen discover a ghost resembling King Hamlet who had recently died.

Subsequently Claudius his brother inherited the throne and married Queen Gertrude the widow left behind by the king. Horatio and the watchmen bring the deceased king’s son, prince Hamlet to see the ghost. It talks to him declaring that indeed it was his father’s spirit, and that Claudius was responsible for his death.

He then is ordered to seek revenge on Claudius for usurping his throne and marrying his wife. Prince Hamlet swears to avenge his father’s death. He however delays his intent by getting melancholic and mad in a bid to confuse Claudius and his wife.

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He is contemplating committing suicide or live and avenge for his father’s death. The dread that if he ends his life no one will revenge for his father’s death confuses him.  This is a feeling of impotence because killing his uncle would not please God but at the same time letting Claudius live would be an acceptance of failure and act of betrayal to his father.


The play is a tragedy that ends in grief. Hamlet has all along been confused wanting to revenge but unaware of how to execute his plan. Although in grief, sadness and confusion, hamlet masters the courage to carry out his plan that sees the end of the throne (Bradley, 1966).


Bradley, A.C. (1966). Shakespearean Tragedy. NY: St. Martin’s Press

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