Half and half and two kinds

Half and half and two kinds

Half and half and two kinds.

Half and half and two kinds: JLC describe ha mother as one who could prove her faith by carrying a bible on the way church. Bible was put aside after faith is lost. She assumes the bible presence but maintains its cleanliness.

Her mother sweeps the table where the bible is while she waits to tell news of her divorce. The mother is however against the divorce between her and Ted, a man she met in college. They dated for few years before numerous gift offers.

The uniqueness of Ted from others was the girl’s admiration. What followed was introduction to friends. Mrs. Jordan meets the two going for a date, talks about the fate of the two being together. The girl dismisses any relationship with Ted and gets uncomfortable with being in Ted’s company.

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JLC’s mother is later convinced by a girl she sees on TV and decides to look for a piano teacher to train JLC. JLC become unease with the teacher because the teacher made the lesson boring and failed to note JLC’s weakness. She too is unwilling to learn and this makes the training a difficulty

Next to a wall she stands and sees her nice, a very talented girl. Her parents invite people to witness a competition among the two.  They get trophies for performance but JLC’s Parent is unhappy with her performance. They threaten to throw her if she isn’t obedient and this marks the beginning of JLC’s mother’s disappointment. She gets closer to father who buys her a piano with better melodies.

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