Hairspray New Orleans Dark Comedy Film Festival

Hairspray New Orleans Dark Comedy Film Festival

Hairspray New Orleans Dark Comedy Film Festival.

Hairspray New Orleans Dark Comedy Film Festival: Hairspray is a classic film and a remake of the hairspray film of 2007. It changed some of the directions of the 2002 film but maintained the theme of the film. The film receives both positive and negative review from various audiences.

It is a classic and many people have enjoyed the latest version of the film. However, it has to be evaluated to ensure if it will be considered for the New Orleans dark comedy film festival. This is because there are various aspects of the film that disqualify hairspray as a dark comedy.

The narrative is of hairspray film is a classical musical film. It features the history of racial discrimination and segregation. Women are discriminated for being overweight and denied opportunities for whom they are and what they look like.

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dim and dull lighting of the 60’s to the bright and colorful light of the 21st century. Dark comedy has very few instances of happiness and joy. There is rapid cuts sin the film excluding the music scenes, which stimulates energy and action.

Sound has been rampantly use in the film. The film is a musical and most part of the play is singing, dancing and laughter. This disqualifies it as a dark comedy because of its themes and presentation of ideas.

Instead of sympathizing with the victims in the film, the audience tends to admire them and wish to be them because of the significant change and the difference they made in life.

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