Hair Cuts Case Study

This paper will discuss the generic strategy that Myra should implement at Hair Cuts so that the business is able to elevate its position in the market in comparison to its competitors. Hair Cuts has Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing as the vendor based computer applications that it can implement to ensure it gains an improved position in the market. Once Myra chooses the subscriber that will provide the SaaS software, she will purchase the necessary hardware components such as fiber optic cables and routers which will facilitate internet connection to all the departments and physical facilities of the organization.

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Clients would appreciate a service whereby they would feel that the kind of service that they were being offered was personalized. After being attended to, haircuts can activate a message that is sent to the client such as through a text or email to thank them for going to the outlet. This differentiation strategy would contribute to the cutting down of costs for the business, and contribute to the attraction and maintain of new and existing clients respectively.

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