Gun Control and the Safe Act

Gun Control and the Safe Act

Gun Control and the Safe Act.

Gun Control and the Safe Act: Wilson explores how the world has changed a lot in relation to increasing crime rate. According to him, the modern world has changed a lot, while we can identify some of the positive revolutions that have taken, we cannot ignore the negative changes (Wilson, 1983).

Walker argues that issues of security pose as a serious issue that is affecting every nation in the world. According to him, nations have to come up with measures of enhancing security.

It is worth noting that the number of people holding illegal arms has risen significantly. One cannot ignore the fact that a significant majority of gun holders hold them illegally. This dilutes the efforts of security forces to curb insecurity.

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Retired police persons were also not exempte from the law until June 2013. These shortcomings saw the law as being passe without making important considerations.

Jonathan tries to explore arguments presented by the critics of the act. According to him, medical professionals argued that individuals could shun away from seeking mental medication since they would fear losing their guns

The critics criticized the law as having a broad definition of assault rifles. According to Mann hunters and other people who used guns for self defense were not considered. While the act was meant to promote safety and ensure control, it was observed that this is one of the acts that received great opposition in history.


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