Gun Control and the SAFE Act in New York

Gun Control and the SAFE Act in New York

Gun Control and the SAFE Act in New York.

Gun Control and the SAFE Act in New York: The United States has, in recent years, experienced increased gun violence triggering an ongoing debate among its citizenry that is aimed at finding the best way to deal with this increase.

The central theme in this debate is gun control and whether or not guns serve to make the American society safer or less safe. Various arguments have been fronted on topics ranging from background checks to firearm restrictions.

Notably, the Obama Administration and the US Congress have been on record arguing for increased gun control, an idea that has received negative reception among the majority of the American public who equate gun control to gun ownership restriction.

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exist might in reality be more dangerous than one where non-aggressors owned guns and attackers in some way did not. Practically, these scenarios are not achievable. Though it is worth mentioning them as a way of expounding on the appropriate objectives of rational gun regulation policy.

In essence, if firearm ownership among probable victims is likely to decrease violence and homicide. Then decreasing such firearm ownership is not a social good.

Rather, the appropriate policy objective to adopt is how to effectively shift the distribution of gun ownership towards the eventuality of prospective attackers being disarmed and prospective victims being armed


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