Gun control

Gun control

Gun control

Gun control: U.S citizens are faced with the ever-growing violence in the country. The streets have turned into battleground where the aging are beaten up for their social security checks, terrified ladies are viciously raped and attacked, where teenage hooligans shoot it out in order for an area of turf to vend their illegal drugs, and where blameless children happen to be caught in the daily crossfire of the drive-by shootings.

We can’t ignore the harm that these criminals tend to do to our community, and we ought to take actions to prevent these horrors.

But the effort by a number of misguided persons to remove the legal possession of firearms doesn’t address the actual problem at hand, and solely disarms the innocent citizens that obey the law and who are in most need of a kind of self-defense.

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Over the decades, some of the main reasons for possessing firearms have varied. As America developed into a solid nation, the westward was expanded, traveling the wilderness, and constructing new cities on the frontier.

Classically, these new cities were still far from the civilization centers, and the sole law they had happened to be distributed by townsfolk through the gun’s barrel. Crime was there, but could be reduced when the inhabitants of the town fought back with the criminals.

Ultimately, these structured townspeople created police forces as their cities developed in size. Fewer individuals were carrying their firearms along the streets, but the firearms presence was evident, ready to be utilized in self-defense.

We can obviously see that the gun control laws aren’t realistic or effective when it comes to reducing crime. Thus, we ought to direct our efforts to regulating crime, not inhibiting legal possession of firearms.

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