Gun control

Gun control

Gun control

Gun control means laws and policies that are formulated to regulate the manufacture, possession, transfer, and use of firearms. Politics regarding gun control have been and still are very controversial in several regions such as the United States. In 2010, the trend of acquiring firearms was at its pick in the United States. Statistics shows that 270 weapons were in the hands of the civilians (Gale, 2014, p.37). The data can also be interpreted as 89 guns could be collected from every 100 people. The topic of gun regulation is usually debated between the department of gun control and the gun rights activists. These groups usually present divergent views regarding gun control where while one argues for regulation of gun ownership, the other is against it. This paper will discuss the arguments presented by each school of though.

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Those that argue against it say that guns can be used for protection and even with the existing laws to limit ownership, people can still access and own them. Therefore teaching people how to control them is a more proper way of containing gun-related crimes. On the other hand, proponents of state that gun ownership should be regulated so as to limit gun-related crimes.

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