Gulliver’s Travels Part IV

Gulliver Travels Part IV

Gulliver’s Travels Part IV

The narration starts with Gulliver sail adventure where they experience challenges, and they travel through the sea. Gulliver describes the state of affair that characterize the state of matter in Europe by speaking to his master, Houyhnhnm on the English revolution and war in France, which has occurred in the course of two years.

Gulliver is requested to explain the cause of war and does all his best to give a reason for the revolution and the war. He also required to speak of the law and the justice system and give in detail and criticize lawyers. In the chapter six, the discussion is on other topics including a various form of food consumed in Europe and money. He explains various occupation in which people are involves including professions such as construction and medicine.

In chapter seven, Gullivers designs a love for the Houyhnhnms. Because, he is no longer in need of returning to humankind. Gulliver’s master informs him that he has to consider his people because they are different from Yahoos because it may have been seen at first. He explains all the flaws of the Yahoo because of their greed and selfishness. He agrees that Gulliver’s people are a different system of learning, government, law and art, but their nature are similar to those of Yahoos.

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The desire that Gulliver experiences to live with an animal is prevalent in European literature. He idealizes pastoral simplicity and a return to nature.

Swift, J. (2011). Gulliver’s travels. Fairford, Gloucestershire: Echo Library.

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