Guidance and Discipline

Guidance and Discipline

Guidance and Discipline

Strategies in positive discipline start with good limit setting, adult behavior and clear communication of limits. The strategies involve getting rid of inappropriate behavior by giving cues for new and better behavior, by giving choices and also supporting the children in the new taught behavior. Greer (2002) explains that positive guidance entails changing an aspect about a situation as well as ignoring some behavior when necessary.

This paper will outline a plan to address a discipline and guidance related scenario. It will explain how the plan will incorporate parents to enforce disciple. It will also highlight possible obstacles to enforcing the plan as well as their solutions. The discipline scenario involves a young child having trouble getting separated from his mother.

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Unlike the Montessori setting, the teacher has influence over what the children learn and when.  Some institutions however limit some of this power enabling the child. For this plan to work effectively, the teacher should have complete control over the classroom setting. This will show their position as a guide and a disciplinarian as well as a director of the curriculum.

This obstacle can be solved by redefining the role of the teacher. The child should be taught that in the classroom, the teacher is the guide and the disciplinarian. This should be the case whether or not the child chooses what to learn and when.

Fields, M. V., & Fields, D. (2006). Constructive Guidance and Discipline : preschool and primary education. Upper Saddle River: Pearson.

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