Guarding the Golden Door

Guarding the Golden Door

Guarding the Golden Door

United States is a multicultural nation made up by different people from different corners of the earth. These are people who migrate to America for various reasons. These people were fleeing from harsh economic conditions in their motherlands since felt United States was much better. There were also those who fled their country because of religious and political persecution. Most of these people were from Germany, England, and Ireland. Nevertheless, immigrants from Africa were sent to America as slaves from 17th to 19th century against their will (Daniels 6-7). The Increase of immigrants in United States created socio-economic tension what led to ant-immigrants sentiments.

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Starting with original inhabitants, American can be argue to consist of immigrants. People move to America for various reasons which can be narrow down to search of a better life and personal freedom. Continuation of immigration led to economic, cultural and political tension that first gave rise to anti-immigration sentiments and then to immigration restriction legislations. After the quota system end, population makeup and perception change. However, 9/11 attack seems to bring anti-immigration sentiments not only in America but also in other nations.

Daniels, Roger. Guarding The Golden Door: American Immigration Policy And Immigrants Since 1882. New York: Hill and Wang, 2004. Print..

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