Growth of food production

Growth of food production

       Growth of food production

Growth of food production: Food security can be observed as a state where there is sufficient or enough food (Arora, 2001). Most government will give it a priority to have a well fed nation since this is a basic need of every citizen. Kenya is an African country where there is need for growth of food production. Every year the government of Kenya spends about 8% of its total budget on food and agriculture. For the Kenyan citizens about 70% of their earnings are spent on food and household.

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Some cultural practices have also hindered the Kenyan government to achieve it food security goals (Duram, L. 2010). For instance some communities still prefer to grow some cultural foods which they still treasure they therefore refuse to change to other crops which would be more productive. Some communities who are pastorals have failed to embrace the new technology that could yield better animals which are also more productive. The land feuds has also made it difficult for the government to ensure food security, communities are not even ready to sell some lands to the government for agricultural use.

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