Group Counseling: Theories & Applications

Group Counseling: Theories & Applications

Group Counseling: Theories & Applications

Group Counseling: Theories & Applications:Teaching group counseling in classrooms is a widely discussed aspect of group counseling. It is normally done by school counselors. Schools counselors are great partners and crucial resource for teachers. The days of guidance counselors, who were in school background, sifting through papers and deciding for students over fitness to be in college, are long gone (American Counseling Association, 2011). Professional counselors, today, proactively search for innovative means of meeting student needs and maximizing academic achievement. Teachers work together with counselors in teaching group counseling in the classroom. They do so through maximizing partnerships with the counselors (American Counseling Association, 2011).

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A natural fit for mastering dynamics of the group is developmental and systemic theories. Family systems can be seen as a group, and groups can also be seen as families. Group therapy infers the stages of development that the group goes through. These stages are similar to the development stages applied to a family with children. Just like a family, group supervision usually entails supervisees with unique needs based on various training levels and experience. Supervisors can apply specific techniques and knowledge that are beneficial for facilitating growth of individuals at each stage of the group supervision (Yalom, 2007).

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