Group Analysis

Group Analysis

Group Analysis.

Group analysis refers to the experience and application of psychoanalysis to analytical group psychotherapy. It combines concepts derived from group dynamics, sociology, anthropology, social psychology, and psychoanalytic psychology.

It focuses on the study of very small to large groups, organizations and simple social systems, interpersonal and intrapersonal sociality of human behavior. This analysis therefore provide a mechanism to understand the relationship that exist between a single group member and other group members.

The information therefore enables the individual member to better understand how to integrate with other members of society and social networks (pines, 1983). Besides group analysis, group process is used to refer to how group members work together and develop relationship between themselves so

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this will make me be in a better position to solve members’ anxietie’s. Improving group performance would also require me to know the various group dynamic which affect performance. This will involve both external and internal conditions.

I will have to use a leadership behavior that is free and fair and that chain of command is not complex, which will ensure more coordination with members. Mingling frequently with members will enable me to know what issues disturbs or affect them.

To conclude, groups are real and part of us. Many individuals join groups for varied reason, for example, being part of an important group provides appreciation and position for its members. The reasons are many and varied and this shows we must accept groups as fundamental to our social lives.


Pines, M. (1983). The evolution of group analysis. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul.

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