Grounds To Reject A Tenant\’s Sublease

Subleasing a property is different from leasing the property, which is an issue most people tend to confuse. Subleasing involves leasing from someone who is a tenant. Subleasing is considered by many people to be a great way of cost reduction by minimizing the cost of living (Langston & Acosta, 2010). However, this process comes with its fair share of its considerations, due to the nature of the third party involvement in an already existing agreement.

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Another issue is damage of the property especially if it is malicious, this is “breaking” the agreement, and the landlord can consider objecting subleasing a property on this grounds. Lastly, if there is an end to the lease of the agreement and the landlord does not wish to renew the agreement. The landlord might object the subleasing of a property.

Langston, F., & Acosta, C. (2010). U.S. Patent Application 12/767,879.

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