Grounded Theory Qualitative Research

Grounded Theory Qualitative Research

Grounded Theory Qualitative Research

Grounded Theory Qualitative Research:One of the most widespread and unique methods to qualitative research is the grounded theory method of research. It is not a method rather that the way of examining data for theories that may contain the data. It is a concept not a descriptive study as compared to other methods. The ideology of grounded theory is based in the substance of the data a theory takes shape as the consequences of that data. Grounded theory research is also unique because it has not specific methodology for the conducting of the research. The process of data collection is open, and the process of data examination shows a substantive defined process. Absence of methodology in grounded theory is not a free for all for individuals considering to apply grounded theory because it is demanding, extensive, intensive, and by the sheer amount of data collection and analyzing the grounded theory can be devastating (Corbin, Strauss & Strauss, 2008, p. 303).

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The systematic dissection of the main theme into most basic part and generating a complete new theory regarding a phenomenon in its purest form. The application of grounded theory as a technique to extract new theories from data under examination for another purpose is considered as the best application in an analytical study.


Corbin, J. M., Strauss, A. L., & Strauss, A. L. (2008). Basics of qualitative research: Techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory. Los Angeles, Calif: Sage Publications. 303

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