Green Supply Chain

Green Supply Chain

Green Supply Chain

“Going Green” carries more influence these days as compared to past years. Companies have realized that eco-friendly initiatives and a good blend of business involve much, not only social responsibility. For this reason, the public has become quite aware of the benefits of going green in supply chain; in addition, consumers are enquiring about their environmental their policies. In this sense, going green creates a good business environment in the consumer market, which is ecologically sensitive. However, companies have come to the reality that going green requires profound changes in sloganeering and in marketing. It is for this reason that meaningful progress to making supply chains greener will enhance businesses.

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A company can optimize frequencies of orders with tools that replenish optimization to analyze the economies of certain ordering intonations. However, the process of greening the supply chain takes numerous exercise, cannot be done overnight. In essence, this journey requires more than these four major functions, in-bound and purchasing logistics, reverse logistics, distribution, and production. As green supply chain becomes popular across the globe, most companies are busy inquiring and wonder where to start the exercise and how to achieve it in their entities.

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