Great War

Great War

Great War.

European nations had been trying to avoid war for so long that when it erupted in 1914, it intensified to the most deadly war seen in the world. Most of the major European countries had been gearing for war with each other since the 1870s. Germany had just become the most significant power in the continent while France war is heavily arming in case Germany decided to attack.

Wilson held Americans and the government to resist retaliation hence proving peace and unity that strengthened the nation. He helped protect the American industrial strength which Britain and France looked upon to replenish their depleted supplies for war .

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Britain had long tried to stay out of conflict but having the world’s most powerful navy made it difficult. Americans chose to remain neutral when the war erupted despite their feeling of getting inclined to ally with England. They did not want to open doors of their nation to other countries to war and destroy their culture industrial strength.

The U.S did not want to alter its tradition of keeping away from the political entanglements of the Europeans. The Congress encouraged isolationist foreign policy and supported the Americans to remain neutral because of the tradition they had formed. President Woodrow Wilson announced publicly that the US should remain neutral in name, impartial thought, and actions

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