Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal

From the study of this topic, I hope to get a higher number of individuals; to have a better understanding of the pain levels that their loved ones experience when they have cancer. I would also like for higher action levels; especially from those in the health care profession to find better ways through which cancer patients can have the pain relieved from them. Due to this enquiry, I would like to find out the level of awareness of the pain management options that are available for cancer patients (Anonymous, 2010). Cancer levels seem to be skyrocketing by the hour in all nations in the globe. A higher number of patients in the populations are faced with advanced cancer stages.

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When different oncologists collect pain management information on cancer patients, there can be valid information for use as evidence based; in the management of cancer pain management cases. Therefore, professionals in the health care industry need to give more information to patients and their families on cancer management. The health practitioners like physicians and nurses should engage in community based discussions and give informative talks to population members.

Al Bawaba. (2010). Ebn Sina Introduces Latest Wound Care, Seizures and Cancer pain
management treatments During Qatar Health. London.

American Cancer Society. (2014). Global Facts & Figures. World Health Organization.

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