Grand Canyon Development

Grand Canyon Development

Grand Canyon Development

A complaint was lodged by Navajo reservation adjacent to Grand Canyon national park and tribal leaders concerning the lost income from tourism. This loss was left the area underdeveloped. Consequently, Ben Shelly, the president of Navajo signed a non-binding agreement that would ensure development of the area (Ari, 2012). Two projects were propose, one of which was the Grand Canyon Escalade.

However, the project faced praise and criticism in equal measure. Giving reasons, this essay provides a case for solutions that will be beneficial for both parties in the proposed development or for no development of the Grand Canyon.

To start with, it is important to understand the point of view of different parties to the solutions, that is, the opponents and the proponents of Grand Canyon development. According to the proponents, developing Grand Canyon would lead to massive economic development of the area (Sottile & Dahlgren, 2014). This economic expansion would due to increased number of tourists visiting Grand Canyon National Park. Owing to the increase in the number of tourists in the Navajo, thousands of jobs would be either directly or indirectly created ( Oltrogge, 2013). Businesses would start to blossom, which would culminate into raised standards of living to residents of Grand Canyon.

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Finally, the issue of utilizing a lot of water in the construction process could be solve by looking for alternative sources of water. These would include sources such as boreholes to supplement little water which is available.

Oltrogge, M. (2013, February 26). Grand Canyon National Park Tourism Creates Over $467 Million in Economic Benefit. Retrieved from National Park Service:

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