Grand-Auto Theft V

A favorite, high-action video game

Grand-Auto Thef

Grand theft auto V video game is developed by Rockstar North and published Rockstar games. The game has received positive response from gamers since its release on September 2013 for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. The single player story involves three criminals and their effort to commit theft under the pressure from the government. The game world allows a gamer roam freely from San Andreas including the fictional city of Los Santos and open countryside.

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Player’s car or bike in the game may disappear spontaneously leaving them with an option of either trudge to their destination on foot or forcefully drag people from their vehicles through the act of carjacking. These anomalies are exceedingly present in Grand Theft Auto V.  Dead people are alive in the Grand Theft Auto V and the care can either stay in the parking or the garage

The other interesting features about the game Grand-Auto Theft V where the player can purchase businesses, homes, weapon and apparel for the game character.

Grand-Auto Theft V contain violent action scene and currently banned in Australia to reduce the level of crime among children.

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