Government regulations

Government regulations

Government regulations

Government regulations are meant to restrict or restrain some rights or powers. They often, if not always, take the form of legal restrictions. By limiting the powers and rights of others, the government can be able to safeguard the interests of others, mostly minorities.

In the case of human service to the elderly, some pieces of legislation and standards are making it hard for facilitators to do their part in human service. This is according to Doskow et al. (2011). This paper will analyze such laws, regulations, and standards together, obstacles they bring about in human service to the elderly and the elderly.

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If perhaps the laws are reviewed, they can offer better effectiveness and practicality thus withdrawing the effect of negatively impacting delivery of service to the elderly in the state. Technology will also prove useful should the current cost of In-Home care persist.

The law calls for a particular intensity of vetting when it comes to employees. This kind of vetting may cause some employees who are fearful of not passing the vetting process leave the industry. This will lead to a lack of manpower in the industry which will mean inadequate care for the ages in California.Though the law will provide safety and quality assurance in the industry, it also makes the work of facilitators and management as well as employees harder.

Doskow, E., & Stewart, M. (2011). The Legal Answer book for families. Berkely: Nolo.

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